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Welcome to the Empire.

Honor is a fool's prize. Glory is of no use to the dead.  -Darth Bane

The Dark Empire of the Sith also known as Dark Empire, or -[DE]-, is a Sith themed clan of Star Wars fans in the PC version of Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy. Its primary purpose is to host a community of common interests in which individuals that enjoy playing together.

The goal on our server is to keep the pressure off of anyone who joins. No hardcore competition, no climbing the ladder to the top rank of the clan. We have members, moderators, and admins. There is no system to work within. Mods and admins are all promoted by a case by case basis.

  • Casual gameplay
  • Tight-knit group
  • Anyone is welcome
  • basejka damages
  • Regular custom maps
  • No pressure to join us


Casual gameplay

Simple rank system

Custom and base maps

No pressure to join

No toxicity

Organized events

Learn how to play

Improve your skills

Have a custom skin or saber

Learn to mod the game

Make new friends

A server to call home

Ranks & Rules

Order of the Empire


Dark Lord


Leader of the clan and the Dark Council. Makes big picture decisions and facilitates everything along with the Dark Council.

  • Focuses on the management and big picture side of the clan
  • Meets with the Dark Council to discuss anything major or minor in regards to the clan's operations

Dark Council


Joined with the Dark Lord, the Dark Council runs the clan. They make decisions as a group that focus on fun, safety, and general operability.

Sith Lord


Moderators and enforcers. They help keep the peace on the server and make sure everything is running smoothly for everyone, especially in the absence of a council member.

Sith Warrior

Elite Member

Elite members and fighters of the Empire. Warriors have shown what it truly means to be a Sith with their skills, activity, and promise.

Sith Acolyte


Acolytes are the the general members of the clan. They are dedicated server patrons and players that want to be part of the Dark Empire and to see it grow and succeed.

Sith Hopeful


Hopefuls are the fresh new recruits that have applied and hope to be accepted as a full member. All recruits go through a trial phase, usually lasting a few weeks to determine if they are a good fit for the Empire.


General server rules

Jedi Academy
  • Anybody threatening the -[DE]- servers or website with hacks will not be tolerated. Threats are not taken lightly, and if you do so, you will be immediately banned.
  • Do not continually ask if you can join the clan. Apply once and wait for your trial to be approved. If you are denied, you are expected to respect the Dark Council's decision.
  • Do not ask to be promoted. The Dark Empire deals with rank promotions according to the Council's wishes.
  • You are not required to wear -[DE]- tags on other servers or lobbies, but keep in mind that you still represent the Empire wherever you go.
  • Try to keep swearing to a minimum. Racist/sexist/homophobic talk is extremely forbidden. This extends to the image you use on your profile and the name you use in-game.
  • Maintain the English language. A small chat in other languages is tolerated, but remember that English is the main language of the Empire. Being caught gossiping or bad-mouthing in other languages is no different than if you were speaking English. Language isn't a barrier for the rules.
  • Recruiting is allowed on -[DE]- servers, however spamming recruitment messages will result in a warning and then a kick. Any amount of personal attacks or character assassination (also known as flaming) is not tolerated. If you cannot be polite, then be quiet.
  • The Dark Empire allows multiclanning, however, as long as you are in a clan, team, or group other than -[DE]- you will not be promoted past Sith Acolyte.


Dark Lord


Ðarth Apocalypse

Leader of the Dark Empire.


Dark Council

Member picture

Ðarth Martyr


Member picture

Ðarth Arken

Alias: Circa

Member picture

Ðarth Pandorum


Sith Lords

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Member picture


Member picture



Sith Acolytes


Our jaPRO server

Who's online

This is a jaPRO server.

/connect de.jk3.in


Mods and maps we use



Join the Empire

How does a promising young adept join the ranks of the Dark Empire?

Be active

Make yourself known to the rest of the clan. Play on the server, talk in the Discord or forum, and make friends with us.

Keep up with us

Stay up to date with what is going on in the clan either on the forum, the Discord, or various social accounts below. Attending events is a good place to be noticed!

Create an account

Once you think you are ready to apply to the clan, you will need to create an account on the forum. Click the button here to be taken to the registration page.

Submit an application

After you create your account, you can then fill out a short form which will then send the info into a forum post for the rest of the clan to see.

Be patient

Our application process may take a few weeks. Not all applicants are equal. It usually comes down to activity and friendliness. If you apply and disappear, only to come back months later asking why you weren't approved, you know why. Joining us means you are sticking around and want to be active. Our activity rules are extremely relaxed nowadays, so checking in every day isn't required, but being around semi-often is. On the flip side, even if you're active every day doesn't mean you'll be approved. We have to feel like you will fit in with our little group, for the benefit and enjoyment on both side of the application.

Approved applications will be posted on the forum and Discord. All new members go through a small trial on the server to celebrate their membership.

Denied applications will be posted on the forum and Discord with a short reason why. If you get denied and want more of an explanation that was given publicly, DM a council member.

Good luck!