These rules may be subject to change without notice and are not all inclusive. If an elite member (a Knight/Warrior, Lord, or Council member) requests something extra from you, please follow it.

These rules all boil down to respect. If you do not have respect for your fellow players, you have no place in the Empire.

General Rules

  Anybody threatening the -[DE]- servers or website with hacks will not be tolerated. Threats are not taken lightly, and if you do so, you will be immediately banned.

Do not continually ask if you can join the clan. Apply once and wait for your trial to be approved. If you are denied, you are expected to respect the Dark Council's decision.

Do not ask to be promoted. The Dark Empire deals with rank promotions according to the Council's wishes.

You are not required to wear -[DE]- tags on other servers or lobbies, but keep in mind that you still represent the Empire wherever you go.

Try to keep swearing to a minimum. Racist/sexist/homophobic talk is extremely forbidden. This extends to the image you use on your profile and the name you use in-game.

Maintain the English language. A small chat in other languages is tolerated, but remember that English is the main language of the Empire. Being caught gossiping or bad-mouthing in other languages is no different than if you were speaking English. Language isn't a barrier for the rules.

Recruiting is allowed on -[DE]- servers, however spamming recruitment messages will result in a warning and then a kick. Any amount of personal attacks or character assassination (also known as flaming) is not tolerated. If you cannot be polite, then be quiet.

The Dark Empire allows multiclanning, however, as long as you are in a clan, team, or group other than -[DE]- you will not be promoted past Sith Adept.

Server Rules

  All general -[DE]- Dark Empire of the Sith rules and ethics apply when on our servers!

Jedi Academy Server Rules

  You may use a nickname other than your Empire name when on our servers, but do not impersonate the name of another -[DE]- member. If an elite member asks what your Empire name is, please tell them.

If the Dark Empire server has a password enabled, then it is for the private use of our -[DE]- members and no one else. Giving out the server password is not allowed. If the event is for all members, it will be posted in the shoutbox on the forum, therefore is available to all members of the Empire.

If classes or lessons are in session on the server, and an elite member asks you to leave, immediately do so without arguing. Should a ranked member be present on the server, ask for her/his permission to join the class. If you wish to play on the server during these classes, do not disrupt their session in any way.

Laming (attacking players that have their saber off and/or chat bubble up) is allowed on Dark Empire servers, however if someone continually asks you to stop attacking them while they are unwilling to fight back, then respectfully stop. If it continues, report it to a staff member, switch to spectator, or take a break to calm down.

Laming during a server event is not allowed unless otherwise stated. If you are seen laming, you will most likely be disqualified from the event.

If it is not naturally bound to a key in the game, do not script it. A custom keyboard cfg is fine if it makes you comfortable, but no binding combo moves (DFA, lunge, etc). This gives an unfair advantage and is considered cheating. In addition, the use of a kill tracker is not allowed on the servers. (With the exception of UU's and JAM's.)

Please keep guns in the gun area if they are activated on server.

Any extraordinary activity (such as FFA, role-playing, king of the hill, etc.) involving guns or other aggressive actions outside the gun area or any other rule violation must be approved with everyone on the server and a staff member must be present (to keep things from getting out of hand). To avoid confusion to people joining the server during such a session, stay clear of the spawn point or tell them directly when they connect.

When spawning NPC's, only spawn as many as you (and the server) can handle. Too many can lead to utter chaos and could crash the server. Do not spawn NPC's when there are a good number of players on the server and are playing the game. This ruins the fun for some people, when all they want to do is FFA. Wait for people to leave, or go to a secluded area on the map.

Please do not continuously ask -[DE]- admins to spawn things. If you want unlimited NPC fun, go play in single player.

Do not stand in doorways as this affects the FPS in the connecting rooms. Make a choice, in or out.

The Old Republic Rules

Sometimes our guild leadership may go temporarily inactive and the game will automatically give Guild Master rank away randomly. If you receive Guild Master rank and refuse to give it back when requested by an elite member for intentions of exploiting the Guild for your own means, you will be permanently banned from everything related to the Dark Empire with no remorse.

As long as you are a part of the Dark Empire in SW:TOR, you must have at least one character in the guild. It is not mandatory that you have all of your characters in the guild, thus multi-guilding is allowed, to a degree.

Do not continuously withdraw from the Guild Bank for every credit you can with no intents of ever replacing it.

Minecraft Server Rules

  No greifing unless permitted by the map admin.

No thievery between another person's chests within their own structures. Grab things out of other peoples chests only when permitted by the owner.