The ranking system in the Dark Empire of the Sith is primarily based on a specific role that a member can fulfill as part of the clan, rather than activity and skill, though those are still important.

Dark Lord

  The ruler of the Dark Empire, and dictator of the empire as a whole. There is only one Dark Lord of the Sith whom acts as a guild master or clan leader. The Dark Lord of the Sith is the absolute commander of the clan and always has the final say in -[DE]- matters.

Dark Council

  The Dark Council is the highest form of authority below the Dark Lord, consisting of, at max, twelve members. Typically a Dark Council member is assigned or directed toward a specific regement of the guild itself. They are the only members in -[DE]- allowed to carry the Darth title in front of their name. They are also a branch of advisers for the Dark Lord, set to help guide the clan's progress and movement toward success. If the Dark Lord is not present, the Dark Council acts as the main governing body.

Sith Emeritus

  A Sith Emeritus is the rank bestowed to a former Dark Council member of the Dark Empire. It is received when a Dark Council member can no longer actively contribute as a leader, mostly due to inactivity. Out of honor, they retain the Darth title.

Sith Lord

  A Sith Lord is a general or commander to a specific game. They help the Dark Council moderate Dark Empire communities and answer only to the Dark Council and Dark Lord. There may be multiple Sith Lords per game depending on the activity and demand, each having a seperate roll in administering the flow of events and activity.

Sith Warrior

  These members of the Dark Empire are solely embracing the fighting aspect of a game -[DE]- represents. They train for player vs player engagements and become the direct fighting force and team spirit of the Empire.

Sith Knight

  Knights are equal in authority and prestige to Sith Warriors and instead of utlitizing their PvP skills, Knights utilize their creativity and overall helpfulness to set up events, active games, or assist higher ranking Dark Empire officials in activities.

Sith Adept

  Adepts are classified as an experienced Sith Acolyte, a trained and harded Acolyte who knows the ways of the Dark Empire. Adepts are promoted due to activity, maturity, contribution, and having a broad perspective of our clan.

Sith Acolyte

  Acolytes are generally new players to the Dark Empire, and if they are not learning game mechanics from the specific game, then they are most likely learning our rules and ethics.

Sith Hopeful

  Hopefuls, which are also known as Dark Empire Trialees, and will use the tag -[DE-T]- if the current game allows active change in a user's name. They are people who are eager to join the Dark Empire and embrace it's Sith ways in whatever game we support. These are players that are being tested to become an official Dark Empire member and be accepted as an Acolyte. A trialee is determined by a one week test through trials, activity, and mainly respect.