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Hey people.

I know DE has been lying dormant for awhile now, but we never are truly dead, as Apoc likes to say. Hopefully y'all are doing well, doing the things you do. Smile

Earlier this week Caelum told me that we really needed to upgrade the DE forum, due to the developers not supporting the software that we were using and would soon become a big security risk, as well as things slowly not working over time. Normally this would be a huge pain, but luckily I didn't run into too many issues.

Overall, the forum converted over to the new software completely. We didn't lose anything. All posts, threads, polls, user accounts, etc. were converted over. The only thing that didn't convert over was the custom BBCode I added over time. So in some posts you may see some naked tags. Feel free to fix any posts you see that are your own. I already went through and fixed a bunch. There are also a lot of weird Â characters littered around posts. That was due to the encoding conversion. Not really sure why it happened, but it did. Again, I've fixed a few major posts that had the issue, but there is at least one in each thread. Not a big deal, but if it bothers you on a post you made way back when, then you can edit your post and fix it.

The site is also not very mobile friendly right now. Might work on that in the future.

Apoc told me to keep the theme in tact, which I agreed, so I tried my best to make it look as close to the original as possible. I remember working super hard on that theme along with Apoc's whippings guidance, so I wanted to keep it around.

If you notice any issues, let me know. Right now the only issue is the private messaging system. The default one was just as bad as the one in the last forum. I added a plugin that overhauls it to be actually useful, but it's not perfect, as it's still in beta. Hopefully the developer gets it finished and working 100%. For now, since this forum is dormant, I'd say it's not a big deal.

We want to keep this website up as long as possible. Who knows what the future holds. I'll continue supporting it as long as I can. Working on this made me miss the good 'ol days, that's for sure.  Failure

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