It's Time to Put the Old Horse Down
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With much consideration and many thoughts for months, I, Darth Dread, known to many as Sidarious, and to others as HunterKiller or HK, am retiring from the Dark Empire of the Sith.

Now, I suppose I shall share my story of my life in -[DE]-:

I first came about the Dark Empire on January 22, 2011, the very same day I joined after having a chat with the Dark Lord of the Sith and clan leader, Darth Apocalypse. Prior to and at that time, I was prepared to leave my previous clan for numerous reasons, one of which I just despised the system, though not the people. That was my motivation for joining DE.

During the first year, I found myself quite pleased with the community, and I had made many friends, including Radiuks and Sensei. Of course, my strongest friendship within the clan was with Darth Apocalypse. In a way, he was not only a friend, but a brother or a father. The years from thereon would be my happiest in my JKA life.

When the clan hit a low in 2013, I found a new friend within the clan. It's ironic to know that we were both in the clan but had never once spoken to each other before that time. This person, who I have come to treasure as one of my most valued friends is Darth Martyr. At times I believed it wasn't the fact that the clan was falling apart during 2013 that brought us together, but rather destiny, although I don't quite believe in destiny. Still, I believe we were meant to meet. This was also the time when I had met my good friend Circa, otherwise known as Darth Calamiir. I am glad to have met such a strong-willed person who stuck with DE, even he felt he didn't belong.

In the following year during the summer, I made strong relations with Defcon and Wildfyre, and soon after, Blackout. We all quickly became friends, and I truly value them, for even in my lowest points, they could place a smile on my face.

Now, of course, there are bad things that have happened, but I do not wish to hang onto that, and rather the good memories.

To Darth Apocalypse, thank you for taking me in and giving me the best years of my JKA career, and thank you for being a spectacular friend.

To Darth Martyr, thank you for giving me a reason to stay in DE during 2013 and all those days afterwards. And thank you for being an outstanding friend. If it weren't for you, I'd probably feel alone.

To Darth Calamiir/Circa, thank you for also being a spectacular friend and for being there when not only I, but DE needed you.

To the Three Amigos (Wildfyre, Defcon, & Blackout), thank you for the great times we've had. It's not common to find people almost exactly your age on a game such as  JKA.

To the Dark Empire of the Sith, thank you for providing the home I needed in JKA, for giving me a reason to continue playing JKA. This clan has one of the greatest communities.

The decision to leave was not an easy one for me. In fact, I have had this dilemma for months. My conclusion, this, is heartbreaking, and I am actually tearing up currently. I am ashamed that I am leaving while the clan is in such a low state, because I feel that I can do more to bring it up, but I need to relax my mind. Hopefully, the clan will still thrive, and I will stay in contact.

For now, this is my official resignation, and my farewell. I shall miss this clan deeply.

Goodbye, Dark Empire.
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Damn you made it all sad. xD The important thing is you're doing what you NEED to do, the unfortunate thing is -[DE]- is in an insane drought but we all have to move on sometime. Despite all the exaggerations, nothing lasts forever in this reality.

We still all have contact with each other so it's not like ny disbanding of the Clan would mean the end of any of our friendships as well. So hang in there, find other hobbies. Heard there's rumors of a new Star Wars - Skyrim type open world game in the making. Cant wait for that.
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I'm know this was a hard decision for you, just like it was for me and Apoc. You are one of the closest friends I made from DE and I'm glad we still talk regularly. Even though you were very silent when I first joined, you opened up to be almost the opposite today. You're a fun and happy presence to play around, that's what I like most about you.

I'm glad you're not completely leaving JKA quite yet, even if you're retiring here. Perhaps we can still all have a big DE reunion a couple times a year or something.

P.S. Our impromptu RP sessions are all saved in my base folder. Tongue
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