Server Shutting Down
As the title states, our beloved server is shutting down (for good), and sooner than you realize. This will occur on December 30th, 2016 at midnight. Other than the reason that activity has decreased massively over the past months, the clan can no longer pay for the server (and by clan, I mean Darth Martyr). Many, if not all, of us are unemployed and simply cannot donate. There is no telling when the server will be back up...


This does not mean DE is dying whatsoever, although it seems that way. However, we still encourage all members to remain as active. There are many games in which DE can rejoice in, even free ones. Before the server shuts down, I politely ask for all members, friends, and guests to come on and play while it lasts. Contact someone through Steam, Skype, email, private-message, etc. Contact information can be found for any member on the "Members" page. PM me on the forum if need be, I check the site several times a day.

Hang in there -[DE]- members, this depression will soon be over!

Darth Dread, AKA Sid the Horse
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