InflamedSilver Application
Name: InflamedSilver
Real Name: Jake O'Neill
How did you find out about -[DE]-?: Ryan Hisle, Bronsen Arthur, Tony Wilson
Why do you want to join -[DE]-?: My friends are in the clan
Which game are you interested in playing with DE?: Jedi Academy

Xbox Gamertag: -
PlayStation ID: -
Steam ID: InflamedGold
GameRanger ID: -
Skype Username: -
Email Address:

Other comments: -
Welcome InflamedSilver! Hope to see you on our server very frequently! Over the course of one week, we will observe your activity, maturity, and the personality you have. You will now use the -[DE-T]- tag in front of your name a.k.a Sith Hopeful. At the end of one week, if you have had good activity, we will proceed to test you with the Acolyte trials, receive the full -[DE]- tag and be welcomed to the clan of Dark Empire with open arms. Hope to see you on!
"And in the end...I am nothing." Now I know what you meant, my friend...

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