Apex Application
Name: Apex
Real Name: J
Location: East of the mississippi
How did you find out about -[DE]-?: My former clan was allied. (Yuuzhan Vong)
Why do you want to join -[DE]-?: Made a deal, liked the clan.
Which game are you interested in playing with DE?: Jedi Academy & Old Republic & Anything suggested.

Xbox Gamertag: JeremyJ614
PlayStation ID: JeremyJ614
Steam ID: Kannon1337
GameRanger ID: -
Skype Username: willreku007
Email Address: jeremyj1337@gmail.com

Other comments: What's up, some of you may remember me from our events. I was previously the leader of Yuuzhan Vong. I can be active on whatever. Play a large mixture of games, and im currently looking for one to get into cause im generally bored.
Hey Apex! I'm both pleased and surprised to see this. A shame to see YV go inactive. I went to your site and haven't seen an official post that you're leaving YV. That might need to happen, just so they know and we know it's legit that you're moving on. Smile

Unfortunately we haven't been all that active on JKA these past few weeks, but hopefully that will change soon. A few of us have been on SWTOR a lot lately though, so if you're into that, post your character name(s) and we'll get you invited to the guild! We also have been playing Minecraft and JK2 off and on.

You will now be known as a -[DE-T]- a.k.a. a Sith Hopeful. Throughout the course of 1 week or more you will be passively observed to see your activity, maturity, and overall personality in-game and on the forum. In 5 or more days you will be given a brief skill trial to see if you will eventually become an official member of the Dark Empire as a Sith Acolyte! If you have any questions or concerns just PM me on this site! Be sure to be active on both the server and the forum. Smile

See you in-game.
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Welcome Apex  Smile hope to see you around!!

                            welcome to DE
Hey my name on SWTOR is ApexKannon and im a Jedi Sage (Healer) on the Ebon Hawk server. Im assuming ill have to make a new character to link up with you guys and thats not a problem. I havent upgraded to premium because its way too expensive for my taste at the moment i hope that doesnt mess with anything.

Anyways if anyone wants to add me on steam go ahead, my contact info is above. And ive also started playing Creativerse recently it's free on Steam and very similar to Minecraft.

Hope to play some games with some of you guys soon.
Well we play on the Begeren colony server and we are primarily Empire based
I've made an character on the begeren server. Empire side as well. I'm assuming healers are in short supply so I've made a bounty hunter that will cast some aoe healing. Name is ApexKannonDE. Add when you want or contact me on steam

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