Cyberboy1551 Application
Name: Cyberboy1551
Real Name: -
How did you find out about -[DE]-?: A recent acquaintance from jedi academy told me about this website and I thought I'd give it a try.
Why do you want to join -[DE]-?: I like competition and Star Wars jedi academy. I am a padawan at the game but enjoy it's dual light saber mechanics.

Game 1: Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
Game 2: Minecraft
Game 3: -
Game 4: -
Game 5: -

Xbox Gamertag: cyberboy1551
PlayStation ID: -
Steam ID: blacy1551
GameRanger ID: -
Skype Username: -
Email Address:

Other comments: I don't have an xbox live gold account I don't know if that will effect anything. I did not know you guys played in minecraft...Does it require a mod???
Welcome Cyberboy! You will now be known as a -[DE-T]- a.k.a. a Sith Hopeful and throughout the course of 1 week will be passively observed to see your activity, maturity, and overall personality. In 5 or more days you will be given a brief skill trial to see if you will eventually become an official member of the Dark Empire as a Sith Acolyte! If you have any questions or concerns just PM me on this site!

And no, we haven't been playing with Minecraft with mods, or at all lately.
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Hi, you applied, but we haven't seen you since. You need to be active if you are to pass your trial. If nobody is on the JKA server, posting in the forum is the next best thing. The shoutbox at the top of the forum is a good place to introduce yourself and get to know us. Smile

Your application will close eventually, so come back and begin your trial period!
I designed and manage this website. Consider throwing me your money.
Your application period has closed. If you ever have a desire to join in the future, please fill out the application again.
I designed and manage this website. Consider throwing me your money.

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