Skenneton Application
Name: Skenneton
Real Name: Kenneth
How did you find out about -[DE]-?: joined a random server on a random mode then got to play with these 2 guys who're awesome
Why do you want to join -[DE]-?: well based on the 2 members i met, i can say that this is a pretty fun clan. plus they're sith lords, man!

Game 1: Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
Game 2: -
Game 3: -
Game 4: -
Game 5: -

Xbox Gamertag: none
PlayStation ID: none
Steam ID: Skenneton
GameRanger ID: none
Skype Username: kpdj1016... if i remember it correctly.
Email Address:

Other comments: SIIIIIIITH!!
Welcome [member=87]Skenneton[/member]!

You will now be known as a -[DE-T]- a.k.a. a Sith Hopeful and throughout the course of 1 week, you will be passively observed to see your activity, maturity, and overall personality.

In 5 or more days you will be given a brief skill trial to see if you will eventually become an official member of the Dark Empire as a Sith Acolyte!

Stay active and get to know other members. Make a good impression and familiarize yourself with the ranks and rules of the Empire.

If you have any questions or concerns just post below or PM a council member on this site!
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Hello, Skenneton. Just a reminder it's been a week since you applied and you are now due for trialing on our Jedi Academy server. If you remain inactive for the next few weeks or possibly month your app will be terminated.
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Your application has been denied due to low activity on both the forum and game.

Please re-apply if you are interested in -[DE]- in the future!
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