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Parker James Application - Jarker - 09-16-2016

Name: Parker James
Real Name: Parker James
Location: Kentucky
How did you find out about -[DE]-?: Stygian, Defcon, Vaelance
Why do you want to join -[DE]-?: CI have a lot of fun playing with everyone ive encountered in the clan, and I would love to be a part of the clan to rock the clan tag Smile
Which game are you interested in playing with DE?: Jedi Academy

Xbox Gamertag: Swedish Goby
PlayStation ID: -
Steam ID: swedishgoby
GameRanger ID: -
Skype Username: swedish.goby
Email Address: parkerkicks@gmail.com

Other comments: Ayy Martyr its fixed fam

Parker James Application - W1ldFyre - 09-16-2016

Welcome Jarker! Hope to see you on our server very frequently! You will now be known as a -[DE-T]- a.k.a. a Sith Hopeful and throughout the course of 1 week will be passively observed to see your activity, maturity, and overall personality to see if you will eventually become an official member of the Dark Empire as a Sith Acolyte! If you have any questions or concerns just ask us!