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Overwatch - W1ldFyre - 05-20-2016

So the Overwatch beta was last week and the game comes out next tuesday (May 24) and ive noticed we've not talked about it!

If you dont know Overwatch is a Team based class shooter developed by Blizzard similar to TF2.


I know me and [member=16]Darth Erebos[/member] played the beta on XB1 because thats where we had friends and i can say the game is 10/10

I know I'll be getting the game

As with all Blizzard games, Overwatch has some great cinematics on par with a high quality film

My personal favorite of the 4 animated shorts they've made is "Dragons" since it features my favorite character Genji and overall just tells a fantastic story, since this games universe has such rich lore



Overwatch - Defcon - 05-20-2016

Ohhhh boy the hype is real, OG Genji  Cool2

Overwatch - B1ackOut - 05-20-2016

Im looking forward to this game alot although i didnt get to play the beta due to my xbox membership expiring