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Full Version: Xbox One now allows cross-platform
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Microsoft has announced that the Xbox One and Windows 10 will be compatible AND other consoles.


This is huge. The only thing now is if Sony will support talkback to the Xbox One. If so, we could have cross-platform console gaming at last! That would be insane.
Come at me bruh, the only thing I would absolutely not agree on is PC playing with Consoles, it'd be such a hack fest against console gamers
Although PS4 has been connected with PC for a little while now between Rocket League and DC Universe Online. The worst would be to connect them with an FPS game though Lol
Wouldn't really be hacked any more than the console games are, since that's handled by the game devs themselves. But yeah, probably wouldn't work for every game. But hopefully we'd see more large open world RPG games have online support and cross-platform. That would be epic!
I think this is a great idea, play with ur friends while getting it on playform of choice so ur not forced to buy twice
We are even closer to being able to play with all the ps4 players in DE Smile
For some reason though I think we wont be able to add each other as friends between different consoles or even message each other. We'd only be forced to join lobbies with people of all consoles just to make games more active.

However, I hope I'm wrong and I do wish I can play games with the xbox DE and what not