-[Sith'ari Showdown]-

The ultimate test of a Sith's true strength, the Sith'ari Showdown is a duel tournament similar to the Elimination Championship. This event takes place once or twice a year on Jedi Academy. Participants are to 1v1 duel against their randomly matched opponent. First player to 10 kills wins the round. Once a player has won 2 rounds, they move on in the bracket, and the loser is eliminated.

This event takes place across multiple days, and can last for about a week, depending on schedules and number of participants.

To participate, one must sign up ahead of time by posting in the forum thread of the event, or however the host wants it done. All participants must validate their match time, and work out all time conflicts. If you can't make your fight or reschedule within the days of this event, you forfeit your tournament position.

The bracket could look something like an EC bracket, like this:

The winner will be able to wear the unique black star * at the end of his/her name on the server and on their showcase forever, with the date of your victory.

Some important rules:

  • Dont spam during the event.
  • Only the duelists join the game, the rest spectate.
  • The game type will be set to TFFA, so spectators can freely chat away in team chat only, without distracting the tournament fighters.
  • The servers will be password protected. If you wish to spectate, private message a -[DE]- member to join in, but behave.
  • Health and shield packs will be disabled in-game.
  • The duel starts when the organizers say "Round (number)" and "Fight".
  • No unsporty behavior. (insults, being a bad loser, etc.)
  • If you intentionally run from your opponent around the map to avoid losing or dragging out your match you will be given a warning, then if you persist you will be disqualified.
  • You may claim AFK (away from keyboard) during your fight only if it's an emergency. If you are inactive for too long, the hosts may declare you disqualified.
  • First player to win two rounds moves on. If you lose, you're out of the tournament and you will respectively spectate or choose to leave the server, but have good sportsmanship.