-[Mount Race]-

Mount Race is an event where participants travel from a chosen point A to a point B destination. The first to reach the end wins a Credit Prize which is based on how many credits were submitted by participants before the race begins.

First person to reach 3 wins total is the winner of the event, and receives a medal on their showcase.

Some important rules:

  • To enter, there will be a credit admission fee, which can vary between 5,000 credits to 20,000 credits for each of the races done in the event.
  • The winner of each round receives the total of the racers' admission fees.
  • If you Quick Travel, Taxi, or use specific Class Speed Boosts of any kind you will be disqualified from the event.
  • If you are knocked off your mount by a mob, you can fight them or run away to remount but other than that there should be NO dismounting whatsoever.
  • No unsporty behavior. (insults, being a bad loser, etc.)