Hockey is a Jedi Academy event that takes place on the hockey rink on the map Race Arena. The event is what it is: hockey. There are two teams of 2 to 8 that will be randomly selected by the host(s). Only 4 players from each team is allowed on the rink at once.

There will be 4 quarters of 6:00 minutes, with an included intermission after quarter 2 (halftime) if players want one to rest up or plan ahead. If the teams are tied at the end of all four quarters, then there will be a period of extra time (overtime) for another 6:00 minutes.

Host(s) will keep score of both teams and players should keep track of how many points they have scored as individuals. No star or title will come out of this event. This is just for fun.

Some important rules:

  • You must use a hockey stick (under the staff saber category), which is included with Race Arena.
  • Players must start on their team's side at the start of each quarter and the host will count down when to play. For the rest of the quarter you do not have to do this each time it respawns after a goal is made, UNLESS the puck is knocked out of the arena and reset.
  • If the puck (the droid) is knocked out of the rink, one person from either team should volunteer to knock it back in (sometimes the droid will disappear and respawn if you hit up to the ceiling).
  • You may hit other players with a hockey stick, but if it goes noticed you are only going for other players you will be given a warning. A second one will result in being sat out for the rest of the event. Players being sat out for the event may stay in spectate but if they are still begin being disruptive (saying negative things, spamming, etc.) they may be removed from the server (kicked or banned until the event ends).
  • It will be up to the host(s) to decide if they wish to password the server or not.
  • No unsporty behavior. (insults, being a bad loser, etc.)