-[Elimination Championship]-

From now on there will be every 2nd week a tournament. It takes place on any given day depending on the general agreement from the active members. Only -[DE]- Members and -[DE-T]- are allowed to participate, just post in the latest EC event thread if you want to take part and the time (Example: I will take part this Sunday, the best time would be 12p.m.). The Tournament setup will look like this:

The winner will be able to wear the unique title * at the end of your name and on your showcase forever, with the date of your victory.

Some important rules:

  • Dont spam during the event.
  • Only the duelists join the game, the rest spectate.
  • No chat while there is a duel, except the organizers if necessary.
  • The duel starts when the organizers say "Round (number)" and "Fight".
  • No unsporty behavior. (insults, being a bad loser, etc.)
  • First player to win two duels moves on. If you lose, you're out of the tournament and you will respectively spectate or choose to leave the server, but have good sportsmanship.


Q: Who are the organizers?
A: Dark Lord, Dark Council, and Sith Lords

Q: Why should I take part in this? I know I wont win.
A: Luck is part of the game. Who knows, maybe you'll get lucky and win. It's not only about winning, but having fun. More participants = more fun.

Q: Does the title give me a special ability?
A: Nope, just a star and a showcase addition.

Q: Do I keep the title forever?
A: You'll keep it until there is a new champion after the next event.

Q: Is it only a duel or a Full Force duel?
A: Its only a saber duel tournament, no Force allowed.

Q: At what time does it start?
A: The organizers will decide the date and time after people give their availablity, or whenever people show up.

Q: Is it fair that we even have this tourney since we already know Darth Apocalypse will win?
A: No, no it is not.